sábado, 10 de mayo de 2008

viernes, 4 de abril de 2008


One of the nicest ways to create with the photography an album of eternities are the portraits: they catch one a look, a moment, a smile, a sensation a word makes concrete … definitively, a recollection, an unrepeatable instant.
When someone who sees a photography of a portrait can feel a bit seemed the author, the magic of transmitting will have been possible and again, the eyes of the portrayed person will be able to speak across the time and of a simple paper.

This montage shows some of my favorite portraits. Persons catch of my around. It is a hobbie to steal looks and smiles with the click.

The person of this pictures are of people from Andalucia, in Spain: Aurea, Pilar, Eve, Samir, Rubén, Emilio, Pablo and Victoria, from Sevilla, Granada, Málaga Córdoba and Almería. This portraits were realised in 2007.

"Calle Realidad"

In November, 2007 I did my first exhibition, called 'Calle Realidad' (Street Reality) . There was exposed in the Galleries Goya of Malaga, Spain. The topic of my exhibition was Cuba: the reality that I could live in a trip that I realized in September, 2007. This one is a video that I did whit the pictures wich I take in Cuba. I dedicated to my friends of the expedition Tahina-can, who I was to Cuba. It shows the whole exhibition. I hope that you like.

jueves, 3 de abril de 2008


When you touch the button of the eternity it has not gone back, there is no arrangement or mistake. The reality that you catch when you touch the button of the shooter of a camera is irreversible, subjective, momentary and eternal, and gets out of focus what your wants or you had belied getting out of focus. And it catches what your believed that you were catching. With heart or head, or without them, it is a conscious and poetical action. The photo that later one will see is not only a photo, but also it tells the history of a of a shot, of a moment, of an environment, of an intention... This is the diary of my shots.

Clickect is the shooter's sound of a camara.
This one is the project of when you do click. The diary of a click-person, because it could serve you as reference, help or inspiration in order that your click is more yours, more poetical, more conscious.


The clickect-woman who is to another side of the screen

Irene Fernández Arcas

[picture one: self-portrait in the building Asrieli de Tel Aviv, Israel. February, 2008. Intention conscious of staying in the eternity and my image to show you and simultaneously the place where I am, unlimited resources]